Calontiri Songs

In 2016 I attended the Great Western War in the kingdom of Caid. Being half way across the country, those that I camped with knew little of my home kingdom of Calontir except two things: First that we really liked shield walls in combat. Second, that we sing. A lot.

Embarrassingly, I knew no songs at the time and was unable to contribute to the songs around the campfire. But I promised that I would return with something to sing next year. Since then, I have worked to learn several songs. Some are the most well known Calontiri songs, but it's mostly what has caught my ear. A list of the songs I've learned well enough to feel comfortable singing is below. Those I've made good recordings of have links with lyrics and notes in most cases.



Born on a List Field

Brom's Reign

Calontir Stands Alone


Compact Between Horse and Man

Conn's Song (The Moon Shines Brightly)

Cruiscin Lan

Drink Me a Drink Lads

Drums of War

For Crown and For Kingdom

Fruit of the Yew

Health to the Company

One For the Leaving

One of Us

Non Nobis

Pict Song

Savage Daughter

Song of the Shieldwall

Sons of the Dragon

This Song is From Calontir

Warrior's Wyrd (Warrior Never Dies)