Vector Charge Collection


One of the parts of book heraldry that I found the most exciting was that of helping members of the SCA develop their devices and arms. However, one of the most challenging things I found, was a lack of comprehensive tools to assist in the art. While we have a wonderful set of charges to use thanks to the Pictoral Dictionary of Heraldry (PicDic), the images are in formats that do not lend themselves well to being dropped into most image processing programs and filled with colors. While they are often large, resizing them is similarly challenging due to compression artifacts.

What I have thought would be helpful would be to have the charges developed into easily scalable and usable vector graphics. Thus, as I work to develop devices for clients or otherwise have free time, I have committed to saving all charges, field divisions, or other pictoral components as individual components that others can use freely. For those that aren't familiar with vector graphics or don't have a program that can import .svg files, I will also export the image as a transparent .png so that it can be drawn "under" with any drawing program that uses layers, to add coloration for those that prefer this method.

Since I'm not particularly artistically inclined, these images will be heavily based on, if not traced, from the PicDic or other armorials. Sources will be given where appropriate.

Permission is given to use these images for any SCA heraldic purpose with or without attribution.

Alphabetical List of Entries